Monday, July 20, 2015

The Island of Dr. Libris

By: Chris Grabenstein

Billy is NOT excited about spending the summer at a cabin with his mother.  During the first day, he breaks his iPhone and has a run-in with bullies.  In desperation, Billy explores the
library - quite an amazing place compared to the rest of the cabin.  As he begins to read the books, he thinks his imagination is running wild - he can hear the characters and feel the ground shake!  Billy looks outside at an island in the middle of the lake, and is shocked that he can even see the characters from the books.  Billy rows to the island to investigate and then the adventure really begins.

Mrs. Senechal says:
If you like to read, you will love this book!  If you don't like to read, this book might convince you that books are more exciting than you realize.  The author weaves famous literary characters into an exciting and modern story.  I think it would be awesome to be in the worlds and meet characters from my favorite books.  I highly recommend this book!

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