Monday, July 20, 2015

The False Prince

By: Jennifer A. Nielsen

Sage has lived a tough life as an orphan - he is used to stealing, fighting, and outwitting to stay alive.  Without warning, Sage is kidnapped along with three other orphans.  They soon
learn that their captor, Conner, plans to overtake the kingdom by claiming that one of them is the lost prince.  Conner makes it clear that any disobedience will be punished, and those who are not chosen will be disposed of.  Sage finds himself competing to be a false prince and just to stay alive.

Mrs. Senechal says:
What a great read!  Sage and the other orphans are all likeable and make their dilemna seem even more difficult.  And, Conner is truly cruel and masterful villain.  If you like adventurous and exciting stories, you will definitely like this book.  The final twist at the end of the story caught me completely by surprise - I love that!

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