Monday, July 20, 2015


By: Sage Blackwood

Jinx's life has a tragic beginning - losing both parents and living with stepparents who only see him as an extra mouth to feed.  Finally, Jinx's stepfather takes him out into the Urwald,
the forest filled with horrible, frightening creatures.  Jinx is rescued by Simon, a wizard.  At first, Jinx just does chores for Simon.  But, he has a warm home and good food.  Soon, Simon is teaching Jinx magic and eventually Simon puts a spell on Jinx - one that Jinx desperately wants reversed.

Mrs. Senechal says:
Filled with good and evil and characters to love and hate, I think you will really like the book, Jinx!  The author kept me turning pages by constantly changing which characters to trust.  The detailed descriptions helped me picture this magical setting.  The author is not afraid to use challenging vocabulary - I learned a few great new words, too!

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