Friday, June 14, 2013

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

By: Trenton Lee Stewart

Nicholas only knows life as an orphan, and he is being transferred to a new orphanage.  Because Nicholas suffers from narcolepsy (a sleeping disorder), he has often been teased.  He hopes this new orphanage will be a fresh start.  Unfortunately a group of bullies targets him immediately.  Thankfully, Nicholas is very clever, and is able to avoid these boys by staying on his toes.  In the meantime, Nicholas finds out that his new orphanage might be home to a lost treasure!

Mrs. Senechal says:
This story is a prequel to The Mysterious Benedict Society.  I was so excited to see another book about these characters!  It was fascinating to hear about Nicholas as a child and how his experiences shape him for the future stories.  However, you can read this book first and then enjoy the series!  It was fun to read about the many ways Nicholas was able to outsmart the bullies and outwit the adults that tried to get in his way.  I also liked that Nicholas used his cleverness to help himself and others.

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