Friday, June 28, 2013

Walls Within Walls

By: Maureen Sherry

After their father creates a successful new video game, CJ, Brid, Patrick, and their family
move from their cozy home in Brooklyn to a fancy apartment in Manhattan.  The children are not excited to leave their home, friends, and familiar surroundings.  However, they soon discover a painting behind a grate in their new apartment.  As they look closer, the children find that their are clues all around their new home that point to a long-lost inheritance.

Mrs. Senechal says:
This book caught my attention because I always wished that I could have had a mysterious adventure like this when I was growing up!  I liked how the author incorporated descriptions of current New York City along with historical information.  It was fun to read about famous NYC people and landmarks and the impact they had on the city we know today.  I also enjoyed reading some of the famous poems that provide clues to help the children solve the mystery.  If you like The 39 Clues series, I think you'll like this book, too.  Thanks to Kimberly for suggesting this book to me!

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