Sunday, June 14, 2015


By: Gordon Korman

Capricorn "Cap" Anderson has lived with his grandmother, Rain, on a community farm.
 But, when Rain falls, breaking her hip, Cap is forced to live with a foster family during her recovery.  This also requires him to attend the public middle school - up until this point, Cap had been homeschooled.  It is not the academics that cause him trouble, it's the students.  Cap doesn't know anything about football, dances, or popularity.  His fellow 8th grade classmates think Cap will make the perfect, ridiculous class president, and they are completely surprised how it turns out.

Mrs. Senechal says:
I have attended private and public schools and was even homeschooled for one year.  All forms of education have their advantages, but the transition between them can be challenging.  I loved seeing Cap's innocence in so many areas - it makes me wish that no student would have to worry about popularity or bullies.  I also appreciate how Cap sticks to his beliefs and shows how honesty, patience, and kindness can change the culture around you! 

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