Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beyonders 2: Seeds of Rebellion & Beyonders 3: Chasing the Prophecy

By: Brandon Mull

Jason is back home after his first experience in Lyrian.  Life is not the same, and he can't stop wondering what is happening to Rachel and his many other friends there.  Jason returns to the zoo hoping a portal will open and take him back - and it finally does!  Once he arrives and eventually reconnects with Rachel, they begin to see the possibility of defeating Maldor will take more then they ever imagined.  They find that there is a slim hope based on a complicated prophecy, but this requires Jason and Rachel to split up and face almost insurmountable odds to take down Maldor.  These books complete the Beyonders series

Mrs. Senechal says:
I purposely waited until book #3 was available before I read book #2!  I couldn't bear to be left in such suspense as I was after book #1!  I was thrilled as the story continued through many other parts of Lyrian, and fascinating new characters were added.  There were many surprises as characters showed their loyalty or betrayal.  In my opinion, the world and characters created by Brandon Mull in this series could be used in many other books!

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