Wednesday, May 26, 2010


By: Gordon Korman
Sixth-grader, Griffin Bing, is known as "the man with the plan".  He loves to create and execute a perfectly planned idea.  Griffin is also bothered by the lack of credit the adults in his community give to kids.  So, when a local antique dealer swindles him out of a valuable Babe Ruth baseball card he discovered, Griffin decides to devise the ultimate plan - and steal back the baseball card!

Mrs. Senechal says:
As you know, I have read an enjoyed many books by Gordon Korman.  Swindle is another great book with lots of suspense and action!  I appreciated how Griffin liked to make careful plans and that he used his friends' individual talents to create a team to carry out his grand scheme.  I also like that Griffin and his friends experience real problems as they attempt to complete the plan.  Thanks for encouraging me to read this one, Mackenzie!

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