Monday, July 13, 2009

No More Dead Dogs

By: Gordan Korman

Wallace is a very honest 8th grader. In fact, he gets detention for telling how he truthfully feels about a book his teacher assigned the class to read. Wallace doesn't like the book - especially because the dog dies at the end. However, his teacher loves the book and gives Wallace detention until he can write a better book review. This means Wallace has to sit through play practice with his teacher after school instead of being at football practice.

Mrs. Senechal says:
I originally got this book because it was by Gordon Korman (author of the Chasing the Falconers series). But, I also wanted to read it because, like the main character Wallace, I hate it when the dog dies at the end of a book. I like how many of the characters change and learn new things throughout the story. And, I enjoyed the surprising ending!

*There are two times when one character calls another an inappropriate name.


Anonymous said...

I think no more dead dogs would be a cool book for me to read.I saw it at school and I might read it later on. Peyton Cole

Mrs. Senechal said...

Yes, I just saw two copies in our school library!