Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Iron Thunder

By: Avi

The battle between the Merrimac and the Monitor was one of the most important battles in the Civil War. In this book, the story is told by Tom, a boy who finds a job working on a brand new type of ship in the navy shipyard in New York City. The North was rushing to finish the Monitor to protect the Union from the South's ironclad, the Merrimac.

Mrs. Senechal says:
I really enjoyed this book! I learned so many new things about these two ships and their importance to the Civil War. In addition, the story has a lot of suspense as the North tries to complete the ship and Tom has to face up to Confederate spies. There are pictures, photos, and maps in the book, too. I also appreciate that the author put a glossary and notes on how the story was written at the end of the book.


Anonymous said...

I like the civil war.It's so exciting but do we have it in our library ? Nicholas C.

Mrs. Senechal said...

We'll have to check the school library this week, but I have a copy that you could borrow, too!