Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Klipfish Code

By: Mary Casanova

Marit and her family awake to the bombing of their town in Norway in 1942.  Her parents
send she and her brother to live with their aunt and grandfather in a safer part of the country while they stay to try and help the "Resistance" - Norwegians trying to secretly fight the Nazis.  Marit tries to be strong, but she hates not doing anything.  Her grandpa believes it is safer to do what the Nazis ask and don't cause trouble.  Marit believes that if no one stands up to the Nazis things will only get worse.  When Marit gets a chance to help the Resistance, she realizes what a huge responsibility it is.

Mrs. Senechal says:
The book starts with immediate action!  There are many suspenseful moments as the people of Norway struggle to survive as the Nazis invade and take over their homeland.  I have Norwegian ancestors, so I really enjoyed learning more about some of things these people did in the midst of World War II.  I also have many students who have read "Snow Treasure" who would like this book, too!

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